I speak a lot about influencer marketing, social media and being a girl boss. If you want to book me to speak, email info@everywhereagency.com. If you want to see examples of me speaking, like in the flesh, head over to YouTube. If you want to see where I’m speaking next or learn about past topics, you’re in the right place!

Upcoming Speaking Gigs:

Past Speaking Gigs:

Speaker: Influencers + Brands, A Healthy Partnership

Panel: FTC Rules of the Road

Brands + Influencers, A Match Made in Haven

Speaker: Influencers: Building an Influential Corporate Storytelling Strategy

Speaker: Influencer Marketing: From Nano to Macro

  • Mom 2.0 – 04/24/2019, Austin, TX

Panel Moderator: Creating Growth With a Collective Mindset

Presentation: Brand & Influencer Partnerships

I’m going back to my roots as a former SNL producer and will be introducing the film, Love Gilda at the festival and moderating a post-screening discussion.

Panel: Social Media Analytics at the Next Level

Panel: Influencer Marketing: From Nano to Macro

Moderator: #RelationshipGoals Brand + Influencer

Keynote: Brand Influencer Partnerships.

Influence: Using social media to build your brand and your business

Panel: If It’s On the Internet, It Must Be True: Practical Applications of False Advertising Law in the World of Social Media October 2018

Keynote: Crafting Big Stories for Small Attention Spans.

Panel: Brands and Influencers, a Match Made in Haven.

Follow Me! Panel Discussion with Digital Influencers.

Panel: ROI of Influencer Marketing.

Keynote: How Woke are You? Building a diverse agency.

Moderator: Panel Discussion/What Brands are Looking for in Influencers as Partners and Content Creators.

Presentation: Influencer Marketing – A Healthy Option.

Keynote on Building your Personal Brand.

Keynote on Brand Building for #GirlBosses.

Panel Discussion: Brand-Influencer Partnerships.

Panel discussion: Influencer brand partnerships.

Moderator: Building authentic campaigns and telling compelling stories with influencers.

Moderator: Panel discussion about how social media is shaping the landscape of news and political campaigns.

Keynote: Branding Your Business/Branding Yourself and your business as a growth strategy.

Presentation: FTC Guidelines and the Ethics of Influencer Marketing

Keynote: Put the Right Vibe in Your Tribe. How defining your tribe defines your success.

Panel: Influencers for brands big and small.

Presentation: The power of influencer marketing and its impact on the healthcare industry.

Presentation: Leveraging influencers to build word of mouth.

Presentation: Building your digital profile to build your career trajectory.

Moderator: Brand and Influencers – what’s love got to do with it?

Presentation: Managing Millenials – a guide for old folks.

Presentation: The ROI of Influencer Marketing.

Keynote: From TV Producer to Agency Owner, the journey of a girl boss.

Presentation: Social media equals business smarts!

Presentation: Influencer Marketing, What’s the ROI?

Presentation: Social Media for Non-Profit Arts Organizations.

Panel: Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance

Keynote: Social Media and storytelling go hand-in-hand.

Presentation: A CEO’s Guide to Guilding your own Personal Digital Grand

Panel: The Bosses Behind the Brands: An Exclusive Conversation with Agency Executives

Panel: Finding Your Social Media Niche

Presentation: Your Brand, Your Influence Amplified

Panel: Leveraging Influencers to Amplify Your PR Message

Keynote: The Power of Influence: Influencer Marketing

Keynote: Influencer Marketing – How & Why It Works

Moderator: Brand Building for Influencers

Panel: The Rise of the Social Media Influencer.

Panel: Using Social Media for Social Good.

Presentation: Understanding Influence and Influencers: Creating Authentic Campaigns.

Panel: What Brands Really Want When Working with Bloggers.

Panel: Influencer Marketing – The partnership between brands and blogger.

Keynote: Promoting Your Non-Profit for Georgia Gives Day and Every Day.

Interview: Busy Women’s Guide – Radio.

Presentation: Social Influence for Social Good.

Keynote Panel: Public Relations, Brands and Influencers

Panel: How To Maintain a Strong Brand Identity on All Social Networks.
Panel: The Art of Storytelling: Tips and Tricks for Content Creation & Social Media

Panel: From Pinterest and Instagram to Meerkat and Periscope: How to Engage Your Core Audience

Webinar: Cause Campaigns 101: How to Rally Bloggers Around an Issue

Keynote Panel: The Next Level: How Influencers and Brands Connect

Panel: Brand Me: Get Brand Advice from the Best Brand Chicas in the Biz

Panel: Taking on the Challenge of Social Media Marketing in a B2B world

Panel: How to Create, Post and Generate Buzz for your Content through Social Media

Keynote Panel: Brand & Firm Leaders

Panel: Social Media Marketing for Your Film

Panel: Multi-Channel Strategies

Moderator/Host: Fashion Benefit at Bloomingdale’s for Atlanta’s Women and Girls

Panel: Corporate & Employee Comm SIG: Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Policies

Keynote Panel: Professionalism in Blogging

Panel: Social Media Policies – How Dull is That?!

Panel: There’s a Method to the Madness: What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Panel: Succeeding with Social Media