Hi, I’m Danica Kombol. I bake pies, I love to travel and I am just back from sabbatical.  See, I used to run this bad ass influencer marketing agency called Everywhere Agency. I sold it last year and spent the last year driving across the country in my little red camper. Entrepreneurism runs in my blood and you can’t keep a smart woman down for long, so I’m back at work. This time with no intention to scale or sell, but simply to bring my marketing smarts where they might be helpful. My new venture is SmartOutsider.com and you can read all about it on that site.

Danica Kombol

What else can I tell you about me? I mostly live in Atlanta but have a tiny pied-a-terre in New York City. I have three kids, but they’re already out there, making their way in the world. Presently, my parenting consists of being lorded over by my Havanese pooch and my sweet black cat, Snowball. If you want to know all about my professional background, it’s all there on my official bio at my Sma site. If you want to hear about pies, travel and get a glimpse of where I’m speaking next, stay here. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I speak. A lot. Usually about influencer marketing, but sometimes about being a girl boss or how social media has completely disrupted the way we communicate.

Everything else you want to know about me, you can get from Instagram. It’s all there. I wear my life on my Instagram sleeve.