David’s landed in Beirut

I’m sitting in my pal, Gaby’s, living room making use of his wireless network and eating toast with homemade jam from the figs, apricots and strawberries in his garden.  The Mediterranean is out the window and the day is gonna be gorgeous.  Last night we ate at the Boat Club in Jounieh with a bunch of friends.  Local grilled shrimp was the main course.  They sure know how to live in this town!

Things are calm after the election. Grumbling about the blatant corruption, yes…  Disbelief that the western press is writing the way they are about the election, yes…  But zero sign of violence.   Nick Noe – my local organizer – has a good analysis piece in yesterday’s Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jun/09/lebanon-us-cedar-revolution

People are excited we are coming and the real trick is going to be finding time to actually sleep.  The trip is going to be superb.

I will have my mobile later today and the number will be 011-961-70-098-495. I’m 7 hours ahead of Atlanta, 10 ahead of San Fran.

See y’all very soon!


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